Moje auto always well kept!

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Kajto makes sure his car looks presentable
as good as it drives!
He is accompanied by products in this task MOJE AUTO


Moje Auto is a brand of professional cosmetics, fragrances, accessories and car chemicals

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About the brand

Moje Auto – Polish brand of car cosmetics, accessories and coolants

Moje Auto is a Polish brand of cosmetics and automotive chemicals. It was created 15 years ago for those who like to take care of their car in every detail. The current range of products is the result of constant interaction with users who have a decisive say in creating the offer. What does a Polish driver expect today?

The range of car cosmetics must be complete. Contain all necessary means for the care of the body and interior. Follow market trends, as evidenced by the introduction of a line of cloths soaked with cosmetic preparations Moje Auto. This solution, which is extremely practical to store and convenient to use, is the equivalent of aerosol products.

For those drivers who are bored with traditional scented tags, air fresheners are a new option Moje Auto Insenti Fresh Crystals. They have the form of perfumed gel balls enclosed in an aesthetic bag. The included ribbon is for hanging through the ventilation grilles.

More about our brand

Moje Auto always well kept!

All our products are safe and effective. They are easy and friendly to use, in practical and attractive packaging in eye-pleasing colors. Always at hand, which actually means universal availability for sale - from automotive stores, through gas stations, to supermarkets and hypermarkets. And the most important thing is in a price range affordable for Polish drivers.

Moje Auto is also the Virage range of car accessories. These are over 120 handy products. Useful and helpful in various situations on the road and while traveling.


Knowledge base devoted to car care and protection. Take advantage of the knowledge of professionals Moje Auto and brand ambassador Kajetan Kajetanowicz and learn how to take care of your car with our products during every season. We invite you to read.

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